noom-noom asked:

I suggest you to upload your Bodyline print contest design to spoonflower :) For some reason good prints never get picked in the Bodyline contests. And in this way crafty lolitas can purchase your fabric and design their own dresses. Plus, you'll be able to make a little money out of it as well :)

I was actually planning on doing just that, but I had some trouble trying to get the design to repeat nicely and seamlessly, since when I made it, I didn’t think about it much

I suppose I’ll give it another go, there seemed to be some interest in the print when I posted it.

anyways, thank for your message :)

emmatherat asked:

I have a question about commissions, sorry if you already answered it. If I commission you to do a bust/portrait sized piece of me can I alter it to use it as an icon? Different sites have different specifications as far as shape/size. It might involve cropping out your signature, but I'd still credit you somewhere prominent. Thanks.

sure, if you commission a piece from me, you’re absolutely free to do whatever you want with it. :)